Tungli Consulting Global Benchmark Study: Leading Multinationalsí Report on Expatriate Policies and Practices

A recent, extensive study by Tungli Consulting examined the expatriate practices and policies of multinational companies. A total of 136 leading companies in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States shared their experiences with us. A number of similarities and many more differences were found among the policies in the four countries examined. Tungli Consulting is currently using results from the study to tailor consulting and training programmes. For the main results, click here.

Tungli Consulting Country Study: Doing Business in Russia

Dr. Tungli, Founder and President of Tungli Consulting, conducted a study with 87 expatriates and Russian nationals working together for foreign-owned companies in Russia. The purpose was to understand the nature of conflict situations that may arise in expatriate-local interactions and how these could be pre-empted and/or solved. The results were quite different for the American-Russian, German-Russian and Japanese-Russian relationships. The study results suggest that managers need to approach dyadic relationships differently if optimal performance is to be achieved. For a sample of the results, click here.